Nancy Shack Fills In On Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 8, 2020

Re-Opening School Angst. President Trump says schools must re-open this fall with or without a vaccine and is warning that his opponents want to keep schools shut for "political reasons," and he is going to put pressure on state governors to get the job done while Vice-President Mike Pence says the CDC will issue new guidelines for schools that might make it easier. Would you be comfortable sending your kids off to school if there is no vaccine?

Harvard and the Easy Way Out.  President Trump says Harvard University's decision to hold all undergraduate course classes on-line next semester instead of traditional in-person classes is "taking the easy way out." Do you agree with the President? Should tuition be lowered for returning students if their classes will be virtual? Are you willing to pay full boat for a year at Harvard yet only get a fraction of the college experience?

Are You Afraid To Vote in Person? A new Massachusetts law allows early voting by mail for both primary and general elections. Governor Baker says the purpose of the newly signed bill is to protect voter safety and make it easier to vote in the fall. Were you worried about voting in person at a designated polling place? Do you have faith that your vote will be counted if it is mailed?

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