Nancy Shack Fills In On Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 9, 2020

SCOTUS and the President's Tax Returns. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that President Trump is not automatically immune from criminal investigations into his tax returns but stopped short of requiring their release. The Court directed the lower district courts to determine whether Trump's accountants and financial institutions must release his returns to New York prosecutors. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked if the President would release his taxes now, and if not, doesn't it look like he has something to hide? Should the President release his returns anyway?

Mask Derangement Syndrome. Mask rage is breaking out across the country with people picking fights if you wear one and picking fights if you don’t. Should we have a national mask order or has the mask become a symbol of state government run amok?

Are You Afraid To Vote in Person?  A new Massachusetts law allows early voting by mail for both primary and general elections. Governor Baker says the purpose of the newly signed bill is to protect voter safety and make it easier to vote in the fall. Were you worried about voting in person at a designated polling place? Do you have faith that your vote will be counted if it is mailed?

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