Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 13, 2020

Religious Establishments Ablaze. Over the weekend, a Virgin Mary statue outside Saint Peter’s Church in Dorchester, was set on fire. The Virgin Mary was holding plastic flowers, which were set ablaze causing the face and upper half of the statue to be burned. This is just one incident of attacks on religious establishments across the country in the wake of the “White Jesus” debate, which is the argument or opposition to public displays of Jesus as a white male. We ask, is anything sacred anymore?

Redskins Say Bye Bye to Name. The Washington Redskins have announced today that they are officially retiring their name and logo after a thorough review was done regarding their name and logo that depicts a Native American. There has been no announcement as to what will replace the team’s name and logo; that is still being developed. Do you think this re-branding of Washington’s team is long overdue or “appeasing a mob”?

The Mask War Continues! Have you had enough with the drama that has ensued over mask wearing? There are countless examples of “Karens” shaming others for not wearing a mask in public. Additionally, people are taking aim with others for wearing certain types of masks that depict political movements such as is the case with Whole Foods in Cambridge not allowing their employees to wear Black Lives Matter masks. Will the mask war ever end?

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