Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 14, 2020

Plimoth Plantation Name Change. After 75 years, the longtime historical museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Plimoth Plantation, has made the decision to change their name. They are removing “plantation” from their title in an effort to be more inclusive towards the Indigenous people of that area. Here to discuss this name change is Kate Sheehan, Plimoth Plantation’s Associate Director of Media Relations and Marketing.

Police Reform. After a late-night Senate session, a new police reform bill has been passed in Massachusetts. Part of this reform bill includes the banning of choke-holds, limiting use of tear gas, changes to qualified immunity, and a history lesson in racism for all officers. Larry Calderone of the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association joins Dan to discuss these changes and policing in Massachusetts. Would you want to be a police officer if you did not have qualified immunity?

Return to Learning. Numerous cities across the country are delaying their return to in person classes this Fall. They are electing to extend remote learning as COVID-19 infection rates spike in various places across the country. As part of the “new normal”, some school districts are toying with the idea of staggered in person classes that include a day or two a week spent inside the classroom. What is your hope for returning to school this Fall?

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