Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 17, 2020

Changing The Massachusetts State Flag. A group of organizers are calling for lawmakers to change the imagery on the Massachusetts state flag. The flag depicts a Native American inside a shield with an armed sword above the shield. While the arm is supposed to represent the arm of pilgrim Myles Standish (who stood up to British tyranny), the opposition claims the positioning of the armed sword above the Native American appears to be threatening and racist. Is the imagery on the Massachusetts state flag racist and should we change it?

Native American Mascots; A Thing Of The Past? The same group of organizers calling for lawmakers to change the Massachusetts state flag, is also calling for a statewide ban on public school Native American mascots. The argument is that the mascots are “de-humanizing” and depict a racist stereotype. Organizers are asking lawmakers to put a bill in place that would prohibit any public school from having a Native American mascot. Are Native American mascots “de-humanizing” and racist?

The Exhibit on “Whiteness”. The Smithsonian’s African American history museum is causing quite the stir with their exhibit on “Whiteness”. They have been promoting a section of their museum that is dedicated to teaching and learning about the “Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness”. The way they describe the exhibit is as follows: “Since White people still hold most of the institutional power in America, we have all internalized some aspects of White culture” It goes on to breakdown Whites’ work ethic, family structure, religion, status in society, and holidays among other things. Is this exhibit on “Whiteness” appropriate? Is it racist?

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