Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 22, 2020

It's Walsh Wednesday! Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joins us to talk federal intervention in state unrest, the police reform bill, the sticking point of qualified immunity, reopening schools, staying ahead of the COVID-19 curve, and anything else you would like to bring up! Get your questions ready!

Mask Flip Flop. President Trump seems to have changed his tune on wearing masks, saying during a newly restarted COVID-19 Press Conference that "they have an impact." His comments came as dozens of states are going through a Coronavirus spike. The President claims he was convinced by his experts who changed their minds on masks after reviewing new data. Critics of the Administration allege he was influenced by his sagging poll numbers. What do you think caused the President’s change of heart regarding masks?

Mask War at Whole Foods. Workers from Whole Foods have filed a federal class action lawsuit against the grocery chain for discrimination, claiming their employer is retaliating against those who chose to wear Black Lives Matter face masks. Does an employee have the right to wear a political slogan at work?

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