Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 27, 2020

John Yoo and the Defender In Chief. Celebrated constitutional scholar John Yoo joins Dan to discuss his brand-new book: "DEFENDER IN CHIEF: Donald Trump's Fight for Presidential Power." Despite all the charges from the left that President Trump has been shredding the Constitution, Yoo argues that he is its greatest defender, and that Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton would have seen Trump as returning to their vision of presidential power. Do you agree with Yoo?

Caving On The Thin Blue Line. The Hingham Massachusetts Fire Department is removing their Thin Blue Line flag bumper stickers which were being displayed leading up to the anniversary of a slain police officer because they “have taken a different political meaning, which might be offensive to some.” The reversal happened after a single complaint was lodged by a woke college student claiming the flags were disrespectful to the Black Lives Matter movement. Are these Thin Blue Line bumper stickers offensive? Did Hingham cave to the mob?

Walking Off. Over the weekend, WNBA players from two teams: the New York Liberty and the Seattle Storm, walked off the court during the playing of the national anthem at their season opener. The protest to the anthem is the team’s sign of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, as this year’s season has been dedicated to that movement. In support of the BLM movement, BLM is painted on all the league’s courts as well as displayed on all the players’ jerseys. With that being said, do you think we should even have a national anthem played at sporting events if it’s going to turn into a spectacle?

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