Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 28, 2020

Hingham Firefighters Stand Their Ground. Hingham Firefighters from Local Union 2398 have taken a stand to not comply with Fire Chief Steve Murphy and Police Chief Glenn Olsson’s request to remove the Thin Blue Line flags from their engines. Initially the call for removal of these flags came after a citizen called the town complaining that the flags were offensive. The chiefs say the flags are in violation of a town policy prohibiting political messages on town property. Is the message of the Thin Blue Line political? The union’s stance is that the flags are not political and no member from the union will remove those flags. Local reporter from The Patriot Ledger, Joe DiFazio joins Dan about the story.

Barr Faces Off. Attorney General William Barr testified today before the House Judiciary Committee regarding his oversight of law enforcement's crackdown on anti-racism protests across the nation, as well as his handling of the FBI's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. In his opening statement, Barr addressed allegations that he has been acting as the president's personal defense lawyer and not the country's chief law enforcement officer and responded by charging Democrats on the Committee with trying to discredit him by conjuring up that narrative. Has Bill Barr been doing a good job?

The Hydroxychloroquine War. Both Twitter and Facebook have removed a video showing what appeared to be doctors in Washington praising the benefits of using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients. One of the doctors, identified in reports as Dr. Stella Immanuel, says she has treated more than 350 Coronavirus patients, some with diabetes and high blood pressure, and not even one died after being administered Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Zithromax. Donald Trump Jr's twitter account was suspended after he retweeted the post. Is it right that social media platforms are censoring this information? Do you think Hydroxychloroquine is getting buried for political reasons?

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