Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 29, 2020

Congressional Train-wreck? Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Barr testifying has gathered quite the amount of attention. For the first few hours, the Democrats hardly let AG Barr get a word in while they were throwing accusation after accusation at him, claiming he has been acting as the President’s personal lawyer rather than the country’s. Critics of Barr said he did not handle himself well when given the chance. Did Barr handle himself well? Boston Globe columnist Scot Lehigh joins Dan about his thoughts on how yesterday’s hearing was a “train-wreck”.

Shot in the Line of Duty. Two officers who were shot and nearly killed while on duty speak with Dan about proposed police reform. Somerville Detective Mario Oliveira was shot three times while serving a warrant, while Woburn Officer Bob Denapoli was left blind in one eye after being shot six times responding to a robbery. Both are now retired and work for the Wounded Officers Initiative to help police injured in the field. They join Dan tonight.

Civilian Traffic “Cops”. The city of Cambridge is thinking of shifting traffic stop duties away from police officers to unarmed civilians. Why you ask? The proposal states: “routine traffic stops disproportionately impact Black and Brown drivers, who are pulled over and searched more often than white drivers, leading to potentially stressful interactions with the police.” Is this really a good idea?

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