Jordan Rich Fills In On Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 4, 2020

Strike And A Miss. Is the baseball season over before it really began? It appears that every week more and more players are testing positive for COVID-19. First it was the Marlins, now the Cardinals who have numerous players and staff that have tested positive for the virus, resulting in cancelled or postponed games. If this keeps up will there be a season at all? Furthermore, what is the future for sports this fall? NFL players are opting out of the upcoming season left and right. Will there be an NFL season? What about collegiate sports and even local high school sports? Boston Globe sports columnist, Dan Shaughnessy joins Jordan Rich to discuss.

Revamping A Longtime Mascot. The city of Quincy has two high schools and one, North Quincy High, has revamped their decades old mascot, Yakoo. The school is known as the Red Raiders and their mascot, Yakoo has formerly been dressed as a Native American who is carrying an axe while in cultural garb. There have been numerous complaints about the logo and its imagery being racist, where the city has decided to change the mascot and how it looks. It now shows Yakoo in a revolutionary war outfit holding a scroll instead of an axe. Do you think this new change was needed? Is it what most residents, students, and alum wanted? Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch joins Jordan to discuss.

Media’s Role In Political Division. According to a new Gallup poll, 86% of Americans believe that there is a large amount of political bias in news coverage. Furthermore, a majority believe this political bias is intentional. Do you think news outlets are trying to persuade viewers to adopt a certain viewpoint? What is the media’s role when it comes to this upcoming election? 84% of the latest Gallup poll believe news media is important to democracy. Do you?

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