Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 10, 2020

Posting Bail Just To Get Locked Up Again. Just 3 weeks after posting bail, where he was being held on rape charges, Level 3 sex offender Shawn McClinton kidnapped, beat, and raped a woman. McClinton was previously convicted of rape in 1994 and 2007 but despite that, the Massachusetts Bail Fund posted the $15,000 bail. Boston Police Commissioner William Gross spoke out about this saying that he is “absolutely appalled” that someone with McClinton’s history would be freed. According to the Massachusetts Bail Fund, they say they are a “charge neutral bail fund” that “posts bail regardless of court history, charge, or circumstances “. Does that make sense to you? Should a man with a known violent history be set free before his trial?

Relying on China for Medicine. There are millions of Americans who are taking prescription drugs that are made in China. This can be problematic for a variety of reasons. President Trump has been trying to make an impact by signing an executive order requiring the government to buy essential drugs from American companies. Here to discuss this topic and her book: China RX, is author Rosemary Gibson.

What’s Taking So Long? Former Vice President and top Democratic candidate for President, Joe Biden was supposed to announce his Vice-Presidential pick for office last week and we’ve yet to hear anything about it. Is he having second thoughts? Ultimately, who do you think his VP pick will be? What is taking so long for the announcement?

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