Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 12, 2020

Emerson Polling. According to a July national poll conducted by Emerson College polling, it appears that Joe Biden is holding a favorable lead over President Donald Trump by 4 points. In the 2020 National General Election poll, 50% are in favor of Biden and 46% are in favor of Trump, with 4% undecided. The Director of Emerson College Polling, Spencer Kimball, joins Dan to discuss.

Biden/Harris 2020. Democratic candidate for President, Joe Biden has officially chosen Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Many Democrats rejoice about this historic pick despite some criticism over her past as a prosecutor in California. Harris is the first female of color to be chosen as a potential Vice President. Are you happy about Biden naming Harris as his VP pick?

Mask Up! In Massachusetts, since the beginning of this pandemic, Governor Baker has been requiring that people wear masks in all public places when social distancing is not possible. He started the “Mask Up Massachusetts” social media initiative at the end of July and then recently halted the state’s reopening process due to an uptick in cases. Now, New Hampshire’s governor Chris Sununu ordered a mandatory mask requirement for gatherings of 100+. This move by NH comes after nationwide criticism over Sturgis’ Bike Rally where thousands were seen without wearing masks. Does NH cracking down change your outlook on the importance of wearing masks or does it not phase you?

It’s A PC World and You’re Living in It. We are living in a world where everything needs to be politically correct and more and more you see companies, products, and schools try to move with the changing tide. Last week we saw Curry College announce they have decided to retire their Colonel mascot as it has been a “concern” to them for some time. Additionally, the Boston Globe endorsed Fourth Congressional District candidate Jake Auchincloss faced backlash over some comments he made 10 years ago as a 22-year-old about Pakistani lawyers burning the American flag. Are both an example of society running amuck?

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