Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 25, 2020

Is Vote-By-Mail a Dud? The Massachusetts Secretary of State says you better hand deliver your vote-by-mail primary ballots instead of trusting the Post Office to deliver them on time. If you can hand deliver your ballot why can't you vote in person? In Brookline, the town clerk is allowing anybody to hand deliver anybody else's ballot to town hall even though the state law limits delivery to the voter themselves or a family member. If the Postal Service is untrustworthy why are we starting Vote-By-Mail?

Are We Becoming Immune to COVID-19? Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson joins Dan to discuss how new data points to the building of herd immunity here in the U.S. Alex says numbers from Europe show that school re-openings are not a risk. In England only 198 COVID-19 cases were confirmed after their schools started up again with no deaths or hospitalizations. Are officials trying to keep the pandemic panic going for political reasons?

Calling Out Jesus... Protesters outside the Republican Convention in Charlotte were chanting “Blank” You Jesus" last night as Cardinal Dolan gave the opening prayer via satellite inside. Does this type of behavior help Joe Biden’s campaign?

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