Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for August 26, 2020

The Uncle Tom Insult. Prominent black politicians from both sides of the aisle are being labeled as "Uncle Toms" if they have the gall to support President Trump in his re-election bid. So far Sen. Tim Scott, former NFL great Herschel Walker, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones, Kentucky Attorney General Dan Cameron and congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik have all endured the insult and are being called traitors. David Marcus of The Federalist and Derryck Green of Project 21 join Dan to discuss.

Melania Stands Tall. The first lady gave a 20-minute speech supporting her husband from the Rose Garden of the White House last night. Were you impressed? She has withstood criticism for her accent, the fact that she is an immigrant, and speculation that her marriage was a sham or on the brink of divorce. Is Melania Trump a good role model as First Lady?

Bald Eagles... They are our national bird and a symbol of our country's might. Ever seen one in the wild? They have battled back from near extinction but still need our protection. Dan will speak with Wayne Petersen of Massachusetts Audubon about our bald eagles.

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