Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 1, 2020

It’s Primary Day! As the primary polls close, Dan will have the latest analysis on the big races being watched across the state, including the Senate race between Ed Markey and Joe Kennedy III, the Massachusetts 4th congressional race, and many, many others. His guests will include political experts such as former Congressman Mike Capuano and former Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Tom O'Neill. Who did you vote for and why?

Kenosha or Bust. President Trump traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, today despite accusations from Democrats that he's trying to take advantage of the turmoil there to rally supporters around his law-and-order campaign message. Was it a good idea for the President to visit a flash point for the violence and riots that has become a plague across the country?

Mayor de Blasio Channels Hugo Chavez. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is throwing out the idea that he wants to tax the wealthy at a much higher level than before and he’s asking for your help to do it! At a time when people, and a lot of rich people at that, are fleeing New York City in droves over the COVID-19 pandemic, is this really a good time to try and redistribute wealth?

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