Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 2, 2020

ICE Wins One. A federal appeals court has overturned a judge’s order that had temporarily blocked federal immigration agents from making civil arrests at Massachusetts courthouses. The decision says Immigration and Customs Enforcement have wide authority to conduct civil arrests and concluded that state law is vague on the matter. Acting Boston ICE Director Todd Lyons joins Dan to talk about the implications of the court's decision.

Baker and the National Guard. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker activated the National Guard over the weekend after being asked by local officials whether the state would offer backup if public protests grew too large to handle in the wake of riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. All the scheduled events went off without needing extra law enforcement and the guard was deactivated. Critics of the move say it could have stoked tensions and discouraged would-be protesters from taking part in peaceful demonstrations. Did the Governor do the right thing?

Biden Unbound. Democrat nominee former Vice-President Joe Biden gave a big speech this week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It seems to have taken a toll on him. Are you concerned for Mr. Biden's health? How about President Trump’s? Is the health of either candidate a deciding factor for you going to the polls?

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