Jordan Rich Fills In On Nightside w/Dan Rea - Rundown for September 7, 2020

The College Grad Job Market. COVID-19 has taken its toll on the job front. But the outlook for recent and future college graduates may not be as grim as we think. Employers are always looking for new talent and only about 20% of internships were cancelled due to coronavirus. Although grads may not land the job they envisioned, they may still be able to transfer their skills to the industries that are booming. Joining Jordan to discuss the current work climate for graduates is Lauren Hubacheck, Assistant Dean of Student Success and Transition at Salem State University. 

Seeking Employment. With coronavirus keeping a lot of businesses closed or with minimal staff, unemployment is still a huge issue in Massachusetts and beyond. Furloughs have been extended, businesses once successful have folded, and there are still cuts being made everywhere. However, there are still many “Now Hiring” signs going up and the holidays will bring seasonal help. Have you been searching for employment, and for how long? Are you an employer looking for new hires? Join Jordan as he brings together employers and job seekers. 

Will Hollywood Survive? The movie business has been completely shut down due to COVID-19. But movie theaters are slowly reopening with blockbusters such as Tenet making a ton of dough. But will a few blockbuster movies here and there be enough to sustain the business, especially since most movie theaters aren’t currently offering concessions? Have you gone to the movies yet? Was the experience the same as before COVID-19? 

What Are You Reading? COVID-19 quarantines have given book sales a boost! Many individuals are stuck at home and looking to learn new skills, get lost in romance, or expand their knowledge. What have you been reading lately? Jordan wants to hear what’s on your book list and what new titles or authors you’ve discovered! 

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