Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 14, 2020

To Stand or Hide in the Locker Room... At yesterday's Patriots season opener at Gillette stadium, all the Patriots' players stood for the national anthem while the opposing team, the Miami Dolphins, stayed in the locker room. Members of the Miami organization put out a social video poem addressing their decision to remain in their locker room saying: “if we could just right our wrongs, we wouldn’t need two songs”. This comment was in reference to the Black National Anthem that played prior to the Star-Spangled Banner. Did the Miami Dolphins make the right decision by staying in their locker room? Do you think both teams should have participated in the anthem in some fashion?

Art Mural at URI Causes Stir. The University of Rhode Island announced that it will be removing it’s 66-year-old art mural from one of its halls after unfavorable press and attention. An alum and veteran, Arthur Sherman, painted the mural showcasing serviceman returning home to Kingston, RI after WWII. The University claims the art was created at a time when the student body was less diverse than it is now, and the mural now does not represent the diversity and racial equity the university would like to. Do you think this mural should remain up or be taken down? Is this “cancel culture” at its worst?

The L.A. Ambush. Two Los Angeles deputy sheriffs sitting in their cruiser were shot in the head at point blank range over the weekend and are in critical condition. A small group of demonstrators later turned up at the hospital, where both were being treated, to harass the injured officers yelling "I hope the B**** dies" and “oink oink" from the parking lot of the emergency room. The demonstrators were blocking the entrance and exit to the emergency room and even tried to enter the hospital. The suspect is still at large. Should cop killers and attempted murderers get the death penalty?

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