Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 17, 2020

Attleboro COVID Positive Dust-Up. Over 30 Attleboro High School students are in quarantine after the parents of a COVID-19 positive student allowed their child to go to school. Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux made a public comment on the incident stating “This one was an egregious violation of the rules, where the parents, basically, put aside the advice that was given and sent their kid to school." Should the COVID infected student be punished? Should his parents be called to account? Attleboro Mayor Heroux joins Dan to discuss.

Trump vs. Redfield. In contradiction to statements made by the Trump Administration, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield testified in front of Congress that masks are a more effective protection against Coronavirus than a vaccine. He went on to give the summer of 2021 as the best guess for when there would be widespread distribution of a Coronavirus vaccination. The President said Dr. Redfield was confused and that the vaccine will be ready next March and that of course vaccines are better than masks. Who do you think has the straight story?

It's The Car Guys! How is your car faring? Is it making a funny noise? Is your car worth the trade in? These are the issues the WBZ Nightside Car Guys can help you with. Don’t miss your chance to talk with Larry, and Scott from Route 1 Auto Service and get all the info you need to keep your car running smoothly. Get your questions ready!

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