Ben Parker Fills In On Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for Sept. 18, 2020

Jumping into Space. How did the space program get started? What does the future hold for space travel? Is there a space tourism industry we might see in our lifetime? NASA’s Deputy Administrator Jim Morhard and CBS’ Peter King join Ben to discuss the exciting and fascinating subject that is space.

Entering the Race. The Boston mayoral race is coming up next year in 2021 and City Councilor Michelle Wu has decided to officially enter the race. Wu wants to tackle the issues of closing the racial wealth gap, transportation, housing affordability, climate justice, and economic justice and workers’ rights among other things. Candidate for Boston Mayor, Michelle Wu joins Ben on her mayoral campaign.

What’s That Smoke? The West Coast has been burning for weeks and weeks now. Wildfires have consumed parts of California, Oregon, and Washington and caused the death of at least 36 people. As a result of the blazes on the West Coast, the amount of smoke that was produced was so great that the smoke traveled across the country and could be seen in the sky on the East Coast! Here to discuss this phenomena is Harvard Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Daniel Jacob.

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