Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 23, 2020

Polling Place Deputies... Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson says he will ignore any eleventh-hour legislation passed by Beacon Hill which is designed to keep his deputies away from polling places. The Sheriff joins Dan to discuss the Cabral Bill which if enacted would require sheriffs to obtain written approval of both the secretary of public safety, security, and the board or officer in charge of the police force of the city or town before they could enforce the law around the polls on election day.

The Relevancy of the Presidential Debate. An article in this week's The Nation asks what the point of the presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice-President Biden is. The author Edward Burmila argues nothing will be revealed that we don’t already know and know so thoroughly that we can barely stand to hear it again. Do you agree? Should the debates be canceled?

Bloomberg Buys Votes in Florida. Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was briefly a Democratic presidential candidate earlier this season, has raised more than $16 million for the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition which is paying the court ordered debts and fees of Democrat voting felons to restore their voting rights in the swing state of Florida. Is this buying votes?

No Officers Charged Directly in Taylor’s Death. Kentucky has announced the charges (or lack of) in the Breonna Taylor case. No officers have been directly charged for the death of Breonna Taylor. One officer was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment in relation to the shooting. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron informed the public that the search warrant executed in the Breonna Taylor killing was not a “no knock warrant”, police in fact announced their presence. We cover the latest out of Kentucky as the night progresses.

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