Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 30, 2020

The Circus Was in Cleveland... A lot of interesting descriptions have been used in conjunction with last night's faceoff between President Trump and former Vice-President Biden - circus, dumpster fire, a national disaster, or the worst presidential debate ever. How would you describe last night's grudge match between the candidates? Who do you think won? Was moderator Chris Wallace fair? Who made the biggest mistake?

Was This the Last Debate? CNN host Wolf Blitzer says he “wouldn’t be surprised if Tuesday night was the last presidential debate” of this election after President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden clashed viciously in the first of the series. Two more are scheduled. Would you sit through another one?

Interruptions and Insults. The gloves and the masks were off last night at the presidential debate in Cleveland! There were continuous interruptions from both candidates so much so that moderator Chris Wallace lost control of the debate multiple times. Insults were flying where Joe Biden called President Trump a “clown” and Trump told Biden that there is “nothing smart about you”. Which candidate showed the poorest display of character?

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