Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 1, 2020

Ed Davis on the Right to Repair. Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis joins Dan to talk about Ballot Question 1 in the upcoming election: The Right to Repair. Today's cars transmit data wirelessly and who gets access to that data is the subject of Question 1. The language of the bill says this is for "mechanical data," not personal data like from a GPS app but opponents to the right to repair say your personal information like your home address and garage door codes could also be accessed. Davis says this is a fear campaign designed by big auto dealers and their dealerships to prevent you from going where you want to repair your vehicle. Confused? Ed joins Dan to answer your questions!

Rule Change! The Presidential Debate commission says it is planning on a few rule changes to its format to avoid a repeat of the circus like first meeting between President Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden. One possibility being discussed is to give the moderator the power to cut off the microphone of the participants while his opponent is answering a question. Is this a good idea? Would you agree to it as a condition of the debate?

Why Won't He Say It? Much has been made of President Trump telling the Proud Boys to “stand by and stand down” during the 1st Presidential Debate. Even though he has disavowed white supremacists several times, he was asked again Tuesday night and failed to give a clear response. Does this bother you?

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