Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 9, 2020

The Right To Repair. Today's cars transmit data wirelessly and who gets access to that data is the subject of Massachusetts Ballot Question 1. The language of the bill says this is for "mechanical data," not personal data like that from a GPS app but opponents to the right to repair say your personal information like your home address and garage door codes could also be accessed. Dan is joined by the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association Vice-President Bob O’Koniewski who says vote No on Question One!

The Good and Bad of How the President's COVID Was Handled. Dr. Roger Klein, former Medical Director at the Cleveland Clinic, talks to Dan about the COVID treatment received by the President at both the White House and at Walter Reed Military Hospital. What was done well, and what is suspect?

A Close Call for Gov. Whitmer. Thirteen people were charged yesterday in connection with an alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Both former Vice-President Biden and Governor Whitmer says the President is implicit in the crime because he did not denounce white supremacists strongly enough even though at least one of the perpetrators appears to be an anarchist not a supremacist. Do you think the kidnapping attempt is the President's fault?

Dumbing Down at Boston Latin. Boston School Superintendent Brenda Cassellius has announced that the city's three prestigious exam schools will not use an exam to select their next incoming classes. Is this the future of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious school?

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