Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 12, 2020

In the 5th Its Caroline Colarusso. The Republican congressional candidate in the Massachusetts 5th District, Caroline Colarusso, joins Dan to discuss the race and the hot topics of the day. She is running against incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Katherine Clark. Just last week, Colarusso called upon the representative to break with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to support a compromise with Senate Republicans to enact a badly needed Coronavirus relief bill. Do you find that interesting?

And the Barrett Supreme Court Nomination Hearings Begin... The hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett started today with each side laying out arguments for or against the nominee, amid bitter disagreements on whether the nomination should go forward or wait until after the election. Republicans see it as their constitutional duty to proceed with the nomination while Democrats have been crying foul claiming the hearings so close to an election abrogates the rights of voters to be heard on the nomination. Whose side are you on?

Court Packing and Joe Biden. Over the weekend, Democrat candidate and former Vice-President Joe Biden said the American people don't deserve to hear his position on court packing - increasing the number of justices who sit on the Supreme Court, until after the election. The late Ruth Bader Ginsberg held court packing to be a bad idea that would give the court the appearance of being partisan. Do you deserve to know Joe's position on court packing before you vote?

Columbus Day and Indigenous Land Acknowledgements! A rally was held this weekend in Boston by Native Americans and supporters calling on the City Council and Mayor Walsh to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day. They say it’s a first step toward recognizing the genocide of indigenous people and the theft of their lands that began with the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Several other communities are also considering " indigenous land acknowledgements" for the same purpose. What are those you ask? Dan will explain...

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