Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 20, 2020

NH Governor Sununu Checks In! New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu checks in with Dan on the latest happenings going on throughout the state. Gov. Sununu will discuss NH suing Massachusetts over the taxation of NH remote workers, pausing youth sports due to COVID outbreaks, and more. Get your questions ready!

Who is Leading in the Polls? We are two weeks away from election day; where does each candidate stand right now in the polls? So far, there has been a high volume of ballots already casted through early voting in various states. Suffolk University Pollster David Paleologos joins Dan on the latest election poll numbers.

Troublesome Mics! As of late there is a lot of drama surrounding open or hot mics. We saw in the first Presidential Debate how leaving the mics open was a bit of a hot mess with each candidate constantly interjecting while the other was speaking. This week, ahead of the second Presidential debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates has announced they will mute each candidate’s mic while the other has an allotted two minutes to answer a question. Do you think this was a wise decision by the Commission?

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