Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 23, 2020

Who Won Last Night’s Presidential Debate? The general consensus from the media and viewers alike is that the 2nd Presidential Debate was a lot more enjoyable to watch than the 1st one, all in part because of the mic shutoffs. During last night’s final debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, did either candidate impress or disappoint you? If so, in what way? National Pollster John Zogby joins Dan on last night’s debate. Did anything move the needle for you?

Back to Back. “60 Minutes” sat down separately with both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden for a one-on-one interview. Joe Biden’s interview was uneventful whereas President Trump’s didn’t go quite as planned. After 45 minutes, the President exited the interview and did not return for the planned sit-down with Vice President Pence. This weekend, “60 Minutes” will air both interviews back-to-back. Do you think the line of questioning was equal for both candidates?

20th Hour: Last week we heard from a variety of listeners across the country in various states on who they think will win their home state. Will it be Joe Biden or President Trump that takes your home state? Give us a call and tell us who you think will take your home state and why!

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