Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 27, 2020


Congressman Seth Moulton Joins Talk The Vote! U.S. Representative Seth Moulton joins Dan for the Regis College Talk the Vote. The Congressman is ready to talk about the election, the pandemic, the economy, our new Supreme Court Associate Justice, and anything else you might want to discuss.

Regis College President Antoinette Hays Checks In… President Hays reminds everyone that many Regis students, faculty, and graduates are currently serving on the pandemic frontlines in hospital and care facilities around the country.

Regis College Dean Laura Burke on the Pandemic and Health Care. Dean Burke is a Regis epidemiologist with the expertise to discuss the pandemic, the second wave, the World Health Organization, and the soon to be ready vaccine!

Riots in Philadelphia! Riots have broken out in Philadelphia in response to the police shooting of a black man who ran at officers with a knife. During the ensuing chaos, one officer was deliberately hit by a truck, a police vehicle was looted, another was lit on fire, and shops were ransacked while crowds threw bricks and other projectiles at police. Was this police shooting, justified?

Call 617-254-1030 to join the conversation!

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