Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 29, 2020

The Pro View on Ranked-Choice Voting. Evan Falchuk of Voter Choice 2020 joins Dan to discuss the advantages of ranked-choice voting. The voting system was put in place in Maine during a previous election and is now Ballot Question 2 in Massachusetts. If you have any questions about ranked choice voting, now is the time…

Jo Jorgensen for President. Libertarian candidate for the oval office, Jo Jorgensen joins Dan for a final vote appeal. Jorgensen was the Libertarian candidate for Vice-President in 1996 when author Harry Browne was at the top of the ticket. Get your freedom loving questions ready!

The Thanksgiving Conundrum. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says don’t invite anyone into your home for Thanksgiving and if you need to socialize do it on-line. Are you planning for a virtual holiday? Are you comfortable with the state legislating what you can do in your own home for Thanksgiving?

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