Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 30, 2020

The Girl Scouts Draw Criticism. The Girl Scouts of America, a nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization, deleted a tweet this week congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett for being the fifth woman named to the Supreme Court after social media erupted with condemnation for the posting. One prominent member of the madding crowd was Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley who tweeted "What kind of patch does one earn for uplifting a woman who is the antithesis of justice?" Is the Congresswoman out of line? Should the Girl Scouts have left up their tweet?

The Polls are Narrowing. In the final days of the 2020 Presidential race it appears that President Trump has picked up momentum and is closing the gap with his opponent, former Vice-President Joe Biden, in several key battleground states. Is it too little, too late? Dan checks in with Emerson Pollster Spencer Kimball to hear about the numbers first hand!

Parody or Accurate? The best Democrat ad ever has gone viral. The catch is it is actually a parody. Listen with Dan and decide for yourself. Is it an over the top joke or is it actually representative of the Democrat platform?

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