Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 3, 2020


It's Election Night in America and Nightside Starts Two Hours Early! On this Election Night, Nightside begins at 6pm with special Election Night coverage .As the polls close, Dan Rea and WBZ NewsRadio anchor Ben Parker bring you analysis and the up to date numbers as the country is canvassed for who will next sit in the oval office, President Donald Trump or former Vice-President Joe Biden.

The Numbers Pour In. As various states’ polls come to a close across the country, Dan Rea along with WBZ NewsRadio anchor Ben Parker give you the latest up to date calculated numbers as they start pouring in. Be sure to tune into Nightside with Dan Rea on WBZ NewsRadio for all your up to date information on this historic night that is Election Night 2020.

Who Is The Winner? As Election Night 2020 winds down will there be a clear-cut winner of the race tonight? Several factors make this election very different and more difficult to calculate than previous elections in U.S. History. Due to the pandemic a large number of early voting and mail in ballots have been cast in addition to a higher voter turn out due to the political divide in this country. With that being said, experts say we might not expect to see results until Wednesday, Thursday, or even Friday. Whatever the results, Dan Rea and WBZ NewsRadio anchor Ben Parker have you covered!

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