Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 4, 2020

The President Cries Foul. The President came out early this morning and claimed a fraud was being perpetrated on the American people and that "frankly we won this election." His opponent, former Vice-President Joe Biden, called for patience while saying he was optimistic about the results. Who has handled the vote count delay better?

Media Shock. The cable and network news analysts appeared to be in shock that there was no "blue wave" of voters aka a landslide victory for the Democratic Party. The results were: A Republican Majority in the Senate while the Democrats maintained their majority in the House. Were you surprised?

Bashing Non-Biden Voters. The mainstream media let their allegiance clearly show during last night's election coverage by openly bashing non-Biden voters. Al Sharpton insulted Floridians of Cuban descent saying they were susceptible to propaganda after Florida was called for the President. Joy Reid called most Americans as bad as President Trump after Joe Biden failed to win an election mandate. Reid actually went so far as to suggest that Justice Clarence Thomas was an "Uncle Tom" if he upheld any challenge the President might take to the Supreme Court. Have some of your favorite media outlets turned into propaganda machines for the Democratic Party?

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