Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 5, 2020

The Count Continues... The Trump campaign has unleashed several legal challenges disputing electoral gains made by Joe Biden in battleground states, signaling the president’s intentions to contest results. Is President Trump doing the right thing?

Twitter and Facebook at it Again. Twitter is once again censoring postings from conservatives and is applying warning labels to GOP tweets for violating its policy against election misinformation and interference. Twitter 's warning says the posts contain false, unsubstantiated, or misleading allegations of voter fraud in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, Facebook removed the page of a pro-Trump group that called for supporters to show up at the Detroit, Michigan vote counting center after an NBC report showcased them. Are these reasonable actions or are the social media giants interfering in the election?

Turning a Blind Eye. A Michigan precinct captain says local authorities are ignoring voting irregularities that he tried to report. He says voters who were listed as having been sent mail-in-ballots showed up in person to vote and when the poll captain asked the state's hotline number for help with the situation he got no response. He decided to allow each of them to vote in person after signing an affidavit that they wouldn’t turn in those ballots later but he is now regretting his solution. Did he do the right thing?

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