Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for November 6, 2020

Should the President Concede? Regardless of the GOP accusations of voter fraud, former Vice-President Joe Biden is racking up the votes in a number of swing states. The President says he thinks the election will be decided by the Supreme Court. Should President Trump continue to fight the vote counting procedures or should he concede?

Interrupting the President. During a White House Press Conference, the President started making accusations of voter fraud, to which various mainstream media outlets including ABC News, CBS News, and NBC cut away saying the President is misrepresenting the situation. Should they be deciding what you can or cannot hear? Are they insulting you or implying that you are unable to decide for yourself whether the President is being honest?

Mandate? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed today that is it clear that the Biden/Harris ticket will win the White House and that Joe Biden has been given a strong mandate to lead. Do you consider this race to be anything close to a political mandate?

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