Woman Films Sharks In A Container Truck On The Highway

A shark is seen in an aquarium during th

A woman driving down I-95 in Maryland was surprised when she came across a truck carrying a container with at least two live sharks swimming inside.

The woman shared a video on TikTok of two sharks swimming past an open window on the tank. The video amassed more than seven million views on TikTok as of Sunday (March 28) morning.

It is unclear why the sharks were being transported or where they were going. One person commented on the post, saying that it was recorded on a stretch of highway is about three miles from the Baltimore Aquarium. Officials have not said if the aquarium was expecting to receive any sharks.

"Things you don't see on the highway every day," Julie Kang captioned the video, which features the popular children's song, Baby Shark, playing in the background.

Photo: Getty Images

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