Maine Set To See Record-Breaking Seaweed Harvest

SACO, Maine (WBZ NewsRadio) — Maine's largest seaweed producer said it will likely harvest a record quantity of the ocean vegetable this season. Atlantic Sea Farms said it will produce around 800,000 pounds of edible kelp this year, double last year's haul, which was also a record.

"Combined, we have 24 partner farmers, most of whom are fishermen, and they're just pulling a ton out of the water," said CEO Briana Warner.

Warner said the company farms the seaweed, growing it on lines seven feet under the water's surface. The company only lets the seaweed grow for six months, making it more like "baby" seaweed.

She said the plants help remove carbon and nitrogen from the water. She said people in Boston still seem to be hesitant about eating seaweed, but that she's "never had anyone try it that didn't like it, once they tried it."

Demand for the product has blown up over the last year.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@" target="_blank">MattWBZ) reports:

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(Photo: Getty Images)

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