This Week's Weird News 6/25/21

A haunting hole in Yemen, a mysterious disease killing birds by the hundreds, and a woman who fell in love with an alien are among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week brought news of a rather worrisome development in the form of a mysterious sickness that is believed to be responsible for killing hundreds of birds across several states. The unfortunate creatures stricken with the ailment are said to experience blindness due to a discharge from their eyes as well as neurological issues that render them unable to fly and, in some cases, stand on their feet. Initially noticed in Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia, the disease has now spread to Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. While authorities scramble to figure out what might be causing the sickness, they are advising homeowners to clean their bird feeder and birdbaths to 'stop the spread,' since getting the animals to stay six feet apart much less wear a mask seems like a fool's errand.

In a testament to how there are still places on the planet that prove to be quite puzzling to scientists, this past week saw a spotlight shine upon an eerie chasm in Yemen, dubbed the 'Well from Hell,' which remains a mystery to experts despite being in existence for thousands of years. The odd pit, which looks positively ominous in contrast to the desert around it, measures approximately 98 feet in diameter. However, its depth is unknown as, due to perilous conditions inside the hole, officials in the country have never been able to descend deep enough to get a measurement. As one might imagine, all manner of legends have become attached to the chasm over the years with one particularly spooky tale being that it is a prison for demonic entities.

Easily the weirdest story of the week came by way of England, where a woman revealed that she has fallen in love with an extraterrestrial that abducted her. Actress Abbie Bela says that her odd romance began when she lamented about her love life online and jokingly wondered if she would have better luck dating aliens. A few days later, she claims, a UFO appeared in her backyard and beamed her aboard the ship. It was there that Bela believes she met her cosmic soulmate in the form of an ET that apparently shared similar feelings. Alas, fearing that she could not come back to Earth, the actress turned down the chance to remain on the ship, though she now keeps an overnight bag packed and ready by her bed in the event that her would-be interstellar paramour returns.

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