Local Winery Ages Wine Underwater In Lobster Traps

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio)— One local winery is looking to age its wine in a truly New England way.

City Winery Boston is using the ocean to age its newest batch of chardonnay. The winery placed over a dozen cases of its new wine inside of lobster traps to let them age in depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

"What's more New England than putting Boston-made wine in lobster traps and aging them in the Atlantic," City Winery winemaker Richard Jacob told WBZ's Karyn Regal (@karynregal).

Jacob was inspired to age his wine underwater by stories of divers finding preserved cases and bottles of champagne in the remnants of old shipwrecks. Now he has dozens of cases of his latest chardonnay about a half mile off the coast of Massachusetts resting at about 85 feet below the surface.

"The darkness is almost like a perfect cellar," Jacob said. "There's an ambient temperature of around 56 degrees down there."

The bottles are triple sealed inside the lobster traps to prevent the ocean from damaging them. The lobster traps, weighing about 185 pounds, were dropped into the ocean about six months ago and should be ready to be pulled up in the coming weeks.

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