NASA Footage Appears To Show UFO That Crashed On Mars

Photo: Getty Images

Over the years, NASA has recorded vast amounts of footage of Mars, from photographs to videos to live streams from rovers. Well a South African researcher has been combing through some of it and uncovered something very peculiar in images from 2006 - what looks like a UFO that crashed on the Red Planet.

Jean Ward was going through footage taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter when he discovered the odd sight at the bottom of the Candor Chasma, a large canyon in Mars' Valles Marineris system, said to be the planet's equivalent of the Grand Canyon. In fact, it is considered the largest known canyon in the solar system, and it, Jean focused on what he called a "strange trench." At the end of the trench there is "a perfect disc" that is "mostly covered in sand and debris, and behind it, we have random dunes."

Ward goes on to note, "It looks like a disc-shaped craft or object came in at a very low angle and crashed into the surface of Mars leaving this strange behind it."

He then zooms in more on the disc-shaped object, which he surmises is 40-50 feet in diameter, pointing out that that is about the same width as the trench behind it. He adds, "It looks like a disc that's partially elevated on one side as it plowed into the surface."

While some commenters wrote off the discovery as a sand dune or space junk, others felt it was something much more significant, calling it a "great find" and writing things like, "There is really nothing else it could be, other than a crashed saucer shaped object. I know they are afraid of contamination but still, I wish NASA would investigate."

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