Man Steals Beer Truck, Spills Beer On Street During Slow Police Chase

Beer kegs in a distribution warehouse

Photo: Getty Images

A man accused of stealing a beer delivery truck in Providence, Rhode Island and spilled kegs onto the street during a low-speed police chase appeared in court on this week.

WPRI reports Jeremy Fellela, 44, jumped into a truck parked outside of a Douglas Avenue business that appeared to be delivering bottles and kegs of beer to a local liquor store before leading police on a low-speed pursuit, which was captured on video.

The truck's liftgate was open and its ramp was down at the time, which led to bottles and kegs spilling into the street as the police chase took place.

Fellela was charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle, eluding police, reckless driving and refusal to submit a chemical test and was held in jail without bail following his arrest on Monday (December 13), which violated the terms of his release in a bank fraud case.

Fellela was previously released from jail on September 30 after being charged with four counts of bank fraud, all of which were related to obtaining property by false pretenses, writing fraudulent checks, passing counterfeit certificates, bills, or notes, and conspiracy, following an investigation into a June 8 incident conducted by Rhode Island State Police, the Providence Journal reports.

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