UFOs Fill New Jersey Sky As Shocked Onlookers Film Them

Photo: Getty Imag

It seems that UFO sightings are happening more and more often, which makes sense because there are more objects in our skies than ever before - not just planes but drones, rockets, satellites and even experimental aircrafts, but some footage of UFOs really can't be explained, and someone in New Jersey just posted a video that might fall under that category.

The five-minute clip, which was picked up by the site UFO Sightings Daily, was filmed in Paterson, New Jersey on December 10th and in it, shocked onlookers watch as several flying objects hover above them. The UFOs glow as they move across the night sky, sometimes in a line but other times they move apart and then back together. Confused witnesses try to identify them, but rule out drones and shut down one person who says they are just "stars." One man is certain it is aliens and when the camera zooms in on a round, white object, he says, "See, see I told you so!"

**WARNING: This video contains graphic language and profanity**

Commenters came up with their own solutions, like that the lights were secret military vessels or drones, but many others believe it was something extraterrestrial, writing things like, "These beings are making it clear that they want to be seen now," and, "I was thinking drones at first but as they came out they held in one place for along time then moved…. IDK."

As yet, the FAA hasn't stated what might have been flying over the Garden State. Interestingly, it isn't the first time in recent history something unexplained has been spotted and filmed over New Jersey.

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