UFO Filmed Over New York City As Strange Lights Fill The Sky

When you hear about UFO sightings, they often seem to happen in smaller towns and less populated areas, but that isn't always the case, and one strange encounter happened in America's biggest city - New York. It was filmed by Hamid Vitalis as he walked to work in Brooklyn, right across the river from Manhattan. He looked in the sky and noticed three orbs of light that formed a pyramid, seemingly hovering there.

A plane flew nearby and two of the lights immediately disappear while the third slowly dims before it also vanishes. As they do, an astounded Hamid can be heard asking, "Where'd the lights go? Yo, where'd they go!?"

According to The History Channel, UFO sightings doubled in New York City in 2020. Some experts feel that like moths, extra terrestrials are attracted to light, and there's a lot of that in NYC.

As to what Hamid filmed, one astronomer thinks that because of their orange tint, the lights could just be sky lanterns, however an aviation expert disagrees, suspecting that the lights are too bright to be a sky lantern, or a drone for that matter. He feels they are planes coming in to land at one of the city's airports, and that they don't disappear from the sky, rather they just turn and their lights point in a different direction, away from the camera.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people who believe the lights are something otherworldly. One commenter even claims to have witnessed the same lights and stated that they were definitely not any known type of aircraft. That person wrote, "They had such an unnatural acceleration they were there then they slowly moved them straight darted off! I'm glad someone caught it on video. They certainly weren't planes they were a lot lower than planes."

The FAA has not yet commented on the sighting so it really could have been anything in the skies over New York City that night.

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