Self-Driving Tesla Fails On The Streets Of South Boston

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BOSTON (WBZNewsRadio) - Tesla is currently beta-testing something it calls "Full Self Driving" or FSD. The FSD feature allows the driver to choose from three driving "profiles" that dictate how the vehicle will react to certain situations on the road. But when one driver in South Boston opted to use the feature, he barely took his hands from the wheel.

Taylor Ogan, a young professional in Boston, has owned his Tesla Model Y since October 2021. This week he posted a video of the car driving itself through South Boston, the only grid-like area in the city. During the minute-long video, the car doesn't slow down or stop for a turning truck, it nearly steers itself into oncoming traffic, and takes sharp turns that almost sends another car into a parked vehicle.

"You have no idea what it's going to do next." Ogan says.

The viral video comes in the wake of conflicting information from the company about it's self-driving feature in the last couple weeks. Last week, during Tesla's Q4 2021 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk reportedly said he would be shocked if the vehicle does not achieve "full self-driving safer than human this year". Then on Tuesday, the company recalled nearly 54,000 cars and SUVs because it's FSD software allows cars to roll through stop signs, without coming to a complete stop.

Ogan said he made the video because while there are a lot of "perfectly curated" videos of people using the self-driving feature on picturesque roads in places like California without issues, he wanted to let people know FSD is far from perfect.

WBZ's Jim MacKay (@JimMacKayOnAir) reports

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