Florida Mother Still Has Questions After 11-Year-Old Son Was Handcuffed

A Florida mother wants answers after her 11-year-old son was handcuffed and forced to sit in the back of a police patrol car last month, according to WFTV.

This controversy stems from Apopka Police responding to reports of a stolen bicycle on February 20. Jamir Bradford was riding his bike in his neighborhood when someone in a truck pulled up and accused the boy of stealing the missing bicycle, his family says. Reporters say police questioned Jamir at a nearby park and soon arrested the boy.

Bystander video shows people trying to pull the child away from police officers trying to take him into custody. Melani Brown, Jamir's mother, was among the crowd trying to keep him away from cops.

"He was arrested, handcuffed and charged with robbery and battery for riding his own bicycle," Brown told WESH 2. "He said ‘Mommy, when I seen the officer with his hand on his gun, I wanted to run.’ I said, ‘For what? You did nothing wrong."

After authorities examined Jamir's bike, they released him, but the boy remains traumatized by the incident, according to Melani Brown, his mother.

"I wasn’t prepared on Feb. 20, but I am today," Brown says. "I’m prepared to fight for justice for my son."

According to the arrest report, the officer took the cuffs off the boy after a minute, per MSN. No charges have been filed against Jamir, WFTV reports. Apopka Police are also reviewing the incident.

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