UFO Filmed By Airline Pilot Deemed A 'Genuine UFO'

A pilot flying an Airbus A320 on a routine flight over Medellin, Colombia looked out the cockpit window and among the clouds, spotted something he had never before seen - a UFO. He quickly grabbed his phone and filmed what he was witnessing, first pointing the camera at his altimeter, which shows he was flying at about 30,000 feet, then aiming it out the window towards the clouds. He zooms in and a strange, geometric-shaped, metallic object flies in a straight line in the opposite direction.

The History Channel's The Proof Is Out There further examined the footage, zooming in further to show the craft looks like a cube. They then interviewed a variety of experts about the video. One scientist suggested it is ten to 15 feet in diameter, but its structure is unlike any earthly flying object. A forensic video analyst feels that the movement in the video looks authentic, but questions how the pilot knew to zoom in on the object. An aviation expert thinks the object is too slow to be a plane or missile, and stated it doesn't look anything like a drone. He suggested it could be a solar balloon, but that is highly unlikely since they don't really survive at such a high altitude. He admits, "I don't have a good explanation." The show then classifies the video as one of a "genuine UFO."

Commenters seems to agree, and explain that the pilot was able to quickly zoom in on it because he had already seen it, kept his eye on it, grabbed his phone and knew where to film. Many feel the UFO is a probe sent to the planet to collect samples or conduct surveillance.

It is also interesting to note that Navy FA-18 fighter pilots saw similar cube-like UFOs at 35,000 feet a few years ago off the East Coast. The Department of Defense is still investigating what those objects were.

Meanwhile, Medellin is no stranger to sightings. The South American city has been witness to so many that it's been nicknamed "The New Roswell."

You can see more potential UFOs when The Proof Is Out There airs on Fridays at 10pm ET on The History Channel.

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