'Alien' Caught On Security Camera Floating, Walking And Scaring Dogs

There are many people who don't believe aliens exist, but there are just as many who do think there are other lifeforms out there, and then there are some folks who feel not only are aliens real, but they are actually living on Earth among us. It might sound a little out there, but some recent security footage could be proof of it.

The video comes from Mexico and it seems to capture some kind of entity floating over bushes and landing in a yard. It then moves towards the right of the screen and as it does, it changes shape, shifting and growing into some kind of strange human form. As it makes its way into the distance, it seems to almost hover over the sidewalk.

From a description like that, it would be easy to assume the video was created with some clever editing, however, there are dogs in the yard that witness it all and are clearly disturbed by and scared of whatever it is that is near then, proving something weird is really captured in the clip.

The people who watched the footage on Twitter are pretty convinced. Among the translated comments are things like, "Incredible, and it is always the security cameras with the worst resolution that capture this type of event." Many viewers were sold on what they were watching because of the reactions of the dogs, with plenty pointing out that "animals have the sight and ability to see things that we cannot."

As yet, there is no official word on what was seen in the video.

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