Early Allergy Season Prompts New Englanders To Reach For The Tissues

Allergies caused by ragweed

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BOSTON (WBZNewsRadio) - Spring is upon us, and as we welcome the much needed warmer weather, we also welcome seasonal allergies.

According to AccuWeather's 2022 spring allergy forecast, this year's sneezing and wheezing has come a little earlier than usual. AccuWeather reports that the growing seasons for becoming longer across the U.S., which creates a longer pollen season, thus prolonging allergy season as a whole.

This year's early start isn't because the trees are already in bloom and shedding their pollen, instead we're getting dusted with pollen from as far away as Ohio, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Pollen can travel long distances because of it's size and weight, creating 'allergy season' conditions in places not yet in allergy season. And that's exactly what's happening here in Massachusetts.

"We are seeing quite an increase on it. And actually these last couple of windy days, all that dried leaves and grass are very irritating." Said Walpole Pharmacy owner Elaine Brunell.

The good news, AccuWeather said an expected steady rainfall in April and early May could stunt pollen growth which would lead to slightly below average tree pollen season from the Appalachian Mountains to Maine. Similarly for Massachusetts, we could be looking at lower tree pollen counts than in the past, but as the summer months continue, we can expect an uptick in weed pollen levels.

Brunell only had one message for customers dealing with allergies already, "start with your allergy medicines now."

WBZ's Chris Fama (@CFamaWBZ) reports

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