Bee Swarm In Ukraine Leaves 3 Russian Soldiers Dead, 25 Injured: Report

Worker bees on a honeycomb

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A Ukrainian website is reporting that multiple Russian soldiers were killed and even more left injured during a bee sting attack in Ukraine. reported three Russian soldiers died and 25 others were hospitalized in the attack. The bees were reported to have left a hive near the village of Chelburda and flew into a nearby Russian camp, where they attacked the soldiers due to a lack of food.

The story was aggregated and cited by the Daily Star, however, has not been fully verified as of Friday (April 1).

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his country would conduct military operations in Eastern Ukraine during an NBC News translation of a speech addressing the Russian population in Moscow on February 24.

The announcement appeared to serve as the final action ahead of an attack by Putin and the Russian military, which the U.S. and European allies to the neighboring Ukraine have attempted to prevent from taking place through diplomatic discussions.

A Ukraine interior minister confirmed to NBC News via text message that "cruise and ballistic missile strikes" were already underway shortly after Putin's announcement.

NBC News correspondent Erin McLaughlin said explosions could be heard from her live shot in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital city, at 6:00 a.m. local time.

More than 1,000 protesters were reportedly arrested during anti-war protests throughout Russia amid President Putin's announcement to conduct military operations and ensuing attack on Ukraine, BNO News reported.

Editor's Note: This article is acknowledging the report's existence, but not citing or confirming it as a fact as it hasn't been fully verified.

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