CTS Christmas Tree Shop In Holyoke Is The First Step In National Rebrand

Photo: Kim Tunnicliffe / WBZ News Radio

HOLYOKE (WBZNewsRadio) - The Christmas Tree Shop is rebranding and so far things are paying off. Marc Salkovitz and his wife, Pam, bought the chain in 2020 and decided to rebrand the 52-year-old company and change it's name to "CTS."

Since the name change, Slakowitz says they've seen over a 35 percent increase in new sales.

"One of the things we were concerned about is really because everybody says this to us is, you sell Christmas trees year round? Unless you live in New England, you don't understand who we are." Salkowitz told WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe. "So we realized we had a problem, not in New England but elsewhere. We're in 20 states, up and down the east coast, we're as far west as Michigan and we're ready to grow."

Along with the name change, comes a new sleek look with polished concrete floors and a plainer interior, which is meant to allow the merchandise to pop off the walls.

Right now, the Holyoke store is the only one that has made the switch, but the couple say they're hoping not only to rebrand current locations but open another 15 stores by 2023.

WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe (@KimWBZ) reports

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