Braintree Woman Offers Free Baby Formula Online Amid National Shortage

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BRAINTREE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — One good Samaritan is taking it upon herself to address the national baby formula shortage on a local level— offering free product online to those in need.

Danielle Hazaimeh of Braintree told WBZ's Chris Fama that she collects and saves spare change to spend on formula to provide to struggling families. Scouring pharmacies and grocery stores, Hazaimeh said she grabbed what she could to lend a hand.

"I felt bad that they couldn't feed their kids, so I said I would go out and buy some formula. I was getting it and then putting it online and different Facebook pages," Hazaimeh said.

The act of kindness comes amid a national shortage of baby formula in the United States, often attributed to the shutdown of Abbott's manufacturing plant in Michigan over concerns of a bacterial contamination. That plant has since announced they will resume production this month, but it will take a while for the store shelves to be completely stocked with formula.

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Because of the high demand, Hazaimeh says she has spoken to many parents that were afraid she was price gouging. Some families told her that they've seen formula listed online for $40 to $50.

"It really made me tear up and cry, thinking that you're going to charge someone when the baby is starving. People were scared that I was selling it— but I would never sell it to feed a child. I'll do anything to help a child and I'm willing to mail it to them. If they need anything, I'm willing to help," Hazaimeh said.

WBZ's Chris Fama (@CFamaWBZ) reports.

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